Dumped again

When i last blogged i wasnt sure about my relationship with kyle.
But over the last month i was really happy.
I had always loved him even when we were just friends.
but i wasnt sure if i was in love with him.
I found out that i am inlove with him as we spent more time together we acted like a proper couple and i really wanted it to work.

But he started going funny with me. He would ignore me for a couple of days saying his head was fucked up and needed time to sort it out.

But then he would go back to acting like my boyfriend the next time i saw him.

He acted different then he used to.
Like he would always walk me home and cared about if i had eaten properly and would always stick up for me.

I knew he was going through a tough time since he lost his job and couldnt afford to eat some times so i would give him money for food and drink and would share my fags with him.

But then a week before valentines day he started going funny again and i hardly saw him.

I then got a text off him saying we needed to talk the day before valentines day.
So i rang him and he told me that he couldnt be in a relationship at the moment because of his head was fucked and he didnt want to bring me down with him.

I was really upset as i had done everything for him.
And then to top it off i found out ian was going out with the girl that we used to argue about for him texting her rude things while we were together.
He had promised me that he didnt like her that way and that hurts more then him telling me the truth.

Im keeping my self busy trying to not think about it.
Were moving houses as we needed more space, so im spending all my time cleaning, decorating and moving.

Im also trying to think of themes for my new bedroom and how i should decorate it but at the moment im drawing blacks.
I havent got a clue how to do it. It probably doesnt help that i dont like the shape of the room as its an awkward shape.

Anyways better get back to painting.


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