update on my life so far.

OK I know I say this every time that I will try to keep up with my blogging more but then I always get super busy at work and don’t get round to it.

its been so long I cant really remember where I got to about my life so far so I will just start with the last few months.

me and Kyle split up a day before valentine’s day as he decided to get back with his ex so he dumped me over text and a few days later I was informed by a friend that he had got back within his ex girlfriend. so I messaged him asking why he couldn’t be honest with me and he said it was all because he didn’t want to hurt me.

but there is no way we could keep our friendship after this and so we havent spoken since February.

I have started to go counseling to help me with the loss of the baby and it has really been helping. I know it will never 100% go away but im glad that I can deal with talking about other people being pregnant without wanting to kill them for being happy.

my sister informed me that she is pregnant and im so happy for her we have been talking babies none stop and im really pleased for her.  we are getting along a lot better now as over the last few months we have had a lot of arguments and havent really been getting on since new year but now were getting on really well and everything have been forgotten.

I have pretty much gotten over Ian really well now and I hardly ever think about him. I don’t care that he has got another girlfriend. I don’t care if he is happy or miserable im happy to never see him again and just completely move on with my life.

I have met a new guy called Myke about five weeks ago and when I first met him I thought he was to snobby and posh and wouldn’t fit in with my friends and family but they get on really well, but there’s just something im very unsure about. he isn’t very affectionate and we only see each other at weekends and it’s just very jokie and not like a real relationship. he does some of these really annoying things that get on my nerves and I worry that if im feeling like that about him after five weeks maybe there’s something not right there.

I don’t trust him 100% either as when I first started going out with him properly he messaged another girl trying to chat her up and it turns out it was a fake profile I had made about a year ago to see if the guy my friend was dating was on the dating web site and I had just forgotten to delete it.

I had a massive go at him for it because even tho I havent been an angle in past relationships I want to have a proper relationship were nobody cheats and he said it was a mistake and he was just showing a friend how to talk to girls.

I forgave him and said I would give him another chance as long as he never does it again or lies to me about anything but I still don’t trust him and I know it will take a while for him to get my trust back and I don’t like that when he is with me he keeps his phone on airplane mode so that nobody can text or ring him :-/ it makes me wonder if he is still taking to other girls.

also on one of my nights out a friend who I have started hanging around with again from school came up to me and told me that he has feeling for me and we started to get really close as friends but now every time we talk it’s always about how much he likes me or how much better he would treat me than myke treats me.

I have told my friend Stefan that this is not the right thing for him to be saying to me as I have a boyfriend and that we are only friends but he doesn’t seem to get the message. and it’s getting me down as I feel so awkward when ever im around my friends and he is there especially when myke comes out with us and Stefan is there.

untill next time (which is hopefully not to long)

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One Response to update on my life so far.

  1. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Hi Louise,
    I know I obviously don’t know you, I can only go by what you write.
    However, it’s good to hear that you are busy sorting yourself out, dealing positively with the situations in your life and moving on.
    Where relationships are concerned, it’s good for you to take your time and let things roll out slowly.
    You will know when it’s time as things will fall into place correctly, in the meantime keep listening to your female intuition.
    Take care. 🙂

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