head f**k of a sister.

tonight and last night I have spent all my time with Kyle it’s been very boring as all we have done is sit watching him play Xbox and then every now and again he throws some insults at me and it’s not even that we have been arguing or anything it’s just when he gets bored he thinks it’s funny to whined people up.

I think getting in a relationship with him was a bad idea because even tho he made me really happy at the beginning he is really getting on my nerves now and im starting to wonder if I was just better off being single.

today I got a phone call off my sister having ago at me because I deleted her on Facebook. ok yh I did a couple of weeks ago as I didn’t want my family finding out about Kyle before I knew it was gonna last a while. because I know they don’t like him and if they found out they would get involved and cause trouble like they did for me and Ian. I knew that once they saw I was friends with Kyle on Facebook it would all kick off and I just couldn’t be bothered with the hassle.

I decided to just delete my Facebook all together as it just causes a lot of trouble. so when she had called me shouting at me down the phone I told her I had deleted the whole thing but she just called me a liar and said she was using somebody eles and could see I was still on it and that’s when I knew she was lying as I got my little sister to check it and she couldn’t find me on there.

my sister was having a go and then she said I was such a bitch and because of me she wants to cry and go kill her self over me.
I mean talk about drama queen there was no way of her knowing I had deleted her and to be honest that’s a really out of order thing to say to somebody never mind your own family.

it’s like I would never think of saying that to someone and it’s not like I haven’t been there for her no matter what. she has caused me so much trouble by getting involved and making things worse that don’t involve her and even after I had just lost my baby and was still grieving she started going on about trying for a baby her self and I never said a thing I just sat there trying to help her even tho I knew she was fucking my head up more. she is a very selfish spoilt bitch and I just can’t be bothered with it anymore. worse thing is my family took her side and none of them know that I had deleted her as she doesn’t even know I had. she only looked today and my account has been deleted for a couple of weeks now.

I really wish I could just fuck off somewhere and never ever have to bother with my family again.

I know it sounds stupid as they don’t beat me or abuse me but they do treat me like shit and I’m so fed up with it because they don’t treat each other like that. I really can’t wait till I have a good job and enough money to move out again and I just won’t ever speak to any of them ever again as I’m fed up with them fucking with my head.

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