first day in Paris.

OK so today was my first day in Paris and its been quite a relaxed day. we drove over from England in are motor home and went to a campsite that’s just ten minutes on the train to Paris main city center. we started off by driving to Dover ferry port which took ages but it was bearable, we then got on the ferry and i got so sea sick it wasn’t even funny.  i have never felt so shitty in my life… when we did get off the ferry we had to drive for six hours and i was already feeling travel sickness bad that by the time we got to the campsite all i was ready for was bed.

because of all the traveling we had to do today was just a relax day and then tomorrow we plan to go to Paris and do something shopping and see some of the sites. the campsite was meant to have WiFi so i brang my laptop and mobile phone but when we arrived and asked about it we found out that it was five euros for an hour of WiFi. so i decided to go to the nearest MC Donalds to check my emails, Facebook, whats app and to blog.

i thought that this holiday would really help me with forgetting Ian as i was in different surroundings and there wasn’t any thing to bring memories back but it seems like as soon as i turn the radio on a song he was always singing comes on or little things pop up that make me think of him and miss him very much.

one thing that really made me miss Ian was when i went on Facebook his best mates girlfriend had put some pictures of her and her boyfriend going to the zoo for the one year anniversary and it made me really sad as it would have been mine and Ian’s one year anniversary on the 11th of November  its sad to see a couple who got together around the same time as us and who we had a mutual friends still together very happy. i know that’s bad as i should be happy that they have lasted this long as they were a really cute couple and i always thought they matched.

i guess im started to get lonely as all my friends are in happy relationships and im struggling to get over Ian never mind getting any interest from any men . Ian number 2 is defiantly a waste of time as he hasn’t shown me any interest at all since we text a while back. i did start talking to one guy and we were getting on so well but with no internet we haven’t really been able to talk. i did receive one message from him and i replied but i know its hopeless trying to start trying to have a proper conversation till im back in the UK.

i just hope that the rest of my holiday keeps me very busy and keeps my mind off Ian as i don’t want to have to deal with the heart break on the only holiday iv had this year.

away from the relationship dramas of my life… the job interview that i went to never rang me to let me know weather i got the job back or not. obviously i know that means i didn’t get it but im still sad as it would have been good to earn some money for Christmas and it would have been a really good distraction and would have keep me busy and maybe would have helped me deal with things by making new friends. oh well i will just have to keep looking at hopefully something will come up.

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