lazy day in bed.

yesterday i went to my job interview which went really well and im glad i went as i meant people who were similar ages to me and it was nice to talk to people who knew nothing about me so we could have a normal conversation without them watching me waiting for me to have some kind of mental break down.

after my interview i saw a couple of friends in town with there daughter and ended up inviting them round my house for a catch up. it was lovely seeing how happy they were and i enjoyed there company. they kept handing me there daughter to me for cuddles and didn’t treat me different to anyone else  they didn’t look at me with a look of fear like i was about to steal there baby like other friends of mine who have children do when im around.

after my friends left i went round to Kyle’s because he has been harrasing every day to go round and iv just been trying my best to avoid him. when i went round there he tried to kiss me and i moved away from the kiss and he ended up kissing my cheek. he didn’t mention it until a few hours later and i explained to him how i hated the fact he was doing drugs as he was wasting his life. he promised me that he wouldn’t do drugs any more and then we sat down and had a proper talk. we don’t have talks like that often and we ended up sorting everything and started seeing each other again. we have agreed that we wont have sex until we are both ready to start a relationship together.

when we woke up this morning he had over slept and had to phone into work and they let him have the day off so we just spent the morning in bed. it was really nice because we just laid in bed cuddling and talking and if it hadn’t been for me having to go meet my Nan and step granddad for lunch i think we would have spent the whole day in bed.

i don’t know if it will work out but i didn’t think of Ian as much as i was and i just feel myself just being happy.

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