A whole year.

its been a whole year since i first started my blog and im very proud of how well its gone.                                             i didn’t think i would get as many views as i have. when i first started the blog it was just a place for me to rant and rave and get all of my thoughts out of my head. i love blogging and only wish i had more time so that i could blog as much as possible.

since my last blog on September the 18th i split up with sam, i really liked him and it was going so well but then i recieved a phone call from a friend saying that sam had messaged her on plenty of fish and they had been chatting for a little while and she only realised who he was once she tried to add him on facebook and saw i was a mutual friend. i wouldnt have been to upset that he had been talking to other girls as we werent exclusive but the night before i was chatting to him on the phone and he told me he wasnt talking to anybody eles. i text him saying i didnt want anything to do with players but i was receiving texts of him apolizing for days after, i chose to ignore them because i knew that if i let him back in he would just hurt me.

i then started talking to another guy he was really nice and we were getting on very well. the only thing that put me off was that his name was Ian just like my ex. i know its just a name but it did put me off a little bit but i didn’t let it put me off to much.

but as soon as i started to get on really well with the new Ian things went weird with Kyle, i was round his flat because he split up with his girlfriend again and we were all getting drunk when he started telling me how much he loved me and that he really wanted to try giving us ago and see if a relationship between us would work. i told him to shut up because he was just drunk and didn’t mean what he was saying, but he said he did so i just told him i would think about it.

i thought about it for a couple of days and then decided that we should give it ago but then he text me saying he wants to be single for a little while and then when he was ready for a relationship. and then he rang me up and invited me round so i went round to his flat and when i got there he told me that he had invited his ex to move back in even tho they split up, which made me feel uncomfortable because she was gobbing off about me being there calling me a sket and then the next time i went round Kyle was snorting drugs and had loads of his scummy mates round and his ex was there again and i just couldn’t do it.

so now im just going to give Ian ago because i really like him and he has asked me out on a date before i go on holiday on the 20th of October.

im really looking forward to my holiday, im not to bothered about my date because im happy to be single for a little while.

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3 Responses to A whole year.

  1. sheladyanne says:

    it’s happy to be single though we should not close our doors when love knocks at it. Go give it a try for your new Ian not the old Ian… I wish you all the best.

  2. being with someone (anyone including friends) who snorts drugs is never a good idea…so good for you for not getting sucked up into the mess! have you ever tried online dating?

  3. prosemachine says:

    You sound like a strong type of person and whatever guy ends up with you is very lucky.

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