catch up of june

So much has happened since I last blogged so this is gonna be a catch up and then I will start blogging every one ti two days again.
Ok so I went on a night out with a friend and we did get rather drunk and I gave a guy my number but only for a joke but the next day I got a text from him asking if we could meet up, so I just explained that I was very drunk the night before and only gave it to him as a joke.

I then deleted the text because I never have messages saved on my phone if the number isn’t saved, anyways I went and stayed at Ian’s that night and while I was asleep the guy text me back again saying it was OK and said to come and meet him but Ian saw the text before I did and woke me up and asked me about the text and I had only just woke up and didn’t recognise the number so I said I don’t know and then I text back asking who it was and then he said his name and said remember you text me earlier.
So Ian took my phone and started having ago at me accusing me of cheating on him but I hadn’t so I kept saying I hadn’t and he wouldn’t believe me and then he went to go through my texts with my friend who I had been confiding in about cheating on him with Toni in the past, so I jumped out of bed and kept keeping my phone out reach so I couldn’t stop him so I grabbed my things and ran out the house because I knew that as soon as he saw the texts to my friend and found out I had cheated things would get ugly.

A couple of minutes later I realised that because he had my phone I had no way of getting home and that I would have to go back to get my phone and ring my dad.
I knocked on the door and his step dad answered and let me back in and said ian had gone looking for me, so I waited in his room and when he got back he was having ago at me and was saying that he knew what I had done and wanted me to say it but I couldn’t bring my self to, so I just said you know what IV done don’t make me say it.

But it turns out the messages were a couple of pages up and he hadn’t looked that far and didn’t know what I had done but he said that because I had given my number out that he was dumping me and didn’t want anymore to do with me.

So he gave my phone back so I rang my dad and was in bit the whole night because I really did love him.

And then I stared a new job on the Monday and u really enjoyed it and then I got asked out on a date by a friend I had stared talking to that weekend but I was still missing Ian so I text him telling him it wasn’t me who gave the number out and that it was my friend.

We started talking again just about everything but my family all said he was a dick and wanted me to have nothing more to do with him but I was determined to get him back. But when we got back together he said that if we did I would have to stop talking to my friends and delete my Facebook and twitter and get rid of my phone and I wouldn’t be allowed to go on nights out not even for my 18th birthday. I agreed because I knew it was my own fault but in the end he let me keep, y phone but I had to change my number and delete my Facebook and twitter but I also kept in touch with my friend because hadn’t actually done anything wrong but he doesn’t know and she understands that he doesn’t know.

And then one night I stayed round and found a load of texts from a girl called Kelly who he was apparently really good friends with but they were flirting and he was telling her how pretty he was and kept calling her gorgeous and then they were talking about him masturbating and one night he said he couldn’t sleep and she replied with stop thinking about me then and then she put oops I mean louse with a winkey face and he was going along with it, also they were texting constantly and he hardly ever texts me even once.

I woke him up and asked him about it but he didn’t really understand why I was annoyed as seen as I was the one who was in the wrong, but he did agree that he would call her gorgeous and say things like that any more but if he does he probably just deletes it.
But now every time she is mentioned I just want to tell him to shut the fuck up and never mention he again.

I asked him if he liked her that way and he assured me nothing was going on but I can’t help but wonder sometimes. I know I should trust him because if there’s no trust then whats the point of being with him bt he does make me very happy a lot of the time.

Also because I got back it Ian me and my family all fell out and I’m now living with Ian because when my family found out they text him abuse and then said they would do what ever they have to do to stop me being with him, so we are jot talking at all which is a shame because it was my 18th birthday on the Monday just gone and I didn’t even get a text from my mum which really hurt (there was no cards or pressents of them either).

Ian’s mum and step dad brought me an Android Tablet tho and Ian spoilt me with flowers and Jewellery and chocolates bless him and then he got me a phone charger as well because I haven’t had one in the last seven months and have been using iPod docks to charge it.

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5 Responses to catch up of june

  1. kundan33 says:

    It this is all true, you sure do get yourself in a lot of stupid situations. Your whole story is about living lies. Wake up!

  2. Your whole blog is obvious bullshit, sorry to say…

    • louise1710 says:

      how is it bullshit ?? did i ask you to read my blog ? ERRMM No i didnt so why even write a comment. and what would be the point of me spending all my time writing somthing that aint true. would rather write a book and try make money than make a fake blog.

      • Its all so unbelievable and badly written, no one has a life like that… And when you post something on the internet you’re inviting everyone on the internet to read it and have an opinion on it but whatever…

      • louise1710 says:

        well its my life weather you believe it or not. it doesnt have to be amazingly written as its only a blog. also everything i write really happens in my life the only thing i change is places and names. the reason i write this blog is because its the only way i can actually get out everything im feeling on the day im writing it. also anything can happen in people’s lives. its all about the choices you make and my blog is all about the bad choices i make. if you dont like my blog stop reading it, because im not doing anything wrong writting about my life on here. and you should know that if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all its called manners. most people if they read somthing they didnt believe or like would just click off the page and forget about it, which is what i would do. so i suggest if you go on someone eles blog you dont like you do exsacly that because im sure people dont write nasty things all over your blogg and also it is called cyber bullying.

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