Baby shopping

I have a scan coming up in a few weeks and I can’t to see my gorgeous little baby.
Iv seen so many clothes and baby things that I have wanted to buy but I didn’t want to get ahead of my selfs but I’m finally aloud to buy some bit so here’s what iv Ben buying.

20120502-082911 PM.jpg

20120502-082921 PM.jpg

20120502-082931 PM.jpg

20120502-082938 PM.jpg

It’s been really nice being pregnant it’s brought me and Ian so much closer he keeps saying how happy he is and always kisses my tummy and asks how are little peanut is.

Also Ian’s mum has been really sweet texting me everyday to make sure I’m ok and keeps saying how excited she is to become a nanny :-).

Also I have had Toni get in contact through Facebook which I’m not happy about.
I had him blocked on Facebook do he couldn’t get hold of me directly so he message one of my friends saying he wanted to get hold of me and asked my friend to pass a message on but I had to just tell him to leave me alone because I’m so happy with Ian and really don’t need Toni coming back into my life and ruining it all again.

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4 Responses to Baby shopping

  1. Ibi says:

    So sweety things ❤

  2. ybawany says:

    Love the hoody. Appreciate you liking my blog.


    p.s. My wife’s expecting too and I’d love to get my hands on that hoody; lovin’ it. 😀

  3. Thank you for following my blog! Your baby clothes are adorable! I wish you all the best!

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