These last couple of weeks having had alot of ups and downs.

I’m really exited about becoming a mummy but there’s loads to buy and ian doesn’t seem to realise how serious becoming a dad is because he keeps being really sweet about it but then he comes out with stupid things that annoy me so much and I can’t say anything to him because then it would start a argument and I really dont want to stress my self out.

My pregnancy bump is starting to show and I’m so happy and excited I can’t wait to meet my gorgeous little baby.

I keep getting really horrible morning sickness and I’m always really hungry its funny how much I have been eating.
Also I had such tender breast it’s horrible even wearing a bra hurts šŸ˜¦

We have started to call the baby peanut because we think it looks like a little elephant peanut in the belly.

20120426-011449 PM.jpg

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One Response to Symptoms

  1. T Hollis says:

    A hint regarding morning sickness – do you remember your dreams when you awaken in the morning? If you do not, you are vitamin B6 deficient, which accounts for the morning sickness. Increase your B vitamins & your morning sickness will decrease/go away. If you continue struggling with this, Unisom, an over-the-counter sleeping pill has just a bit of antihistamine in it. Take it at bedtime and tomorrow morning you’ll be fine. Doxylamine & B6 have been used for years without any side effects for your growing baby.
    Thanks for stopping by my Post!

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