I’m going to be a mummy

I went down to the abortion clinic on Friday and they did a scan to find out how far gone I am and when I saw my baby on the screen for the first time I knew there was no way I could go through with it so I sent the pictures to ian and told him that I want the baby and he said he did two but then over the week end he kept changing his mind and wasn’t sure but today he decided that he does want the baby and I’m so happy that in seven months I will have my gorgeous little baby in my arms.

I know that it’s going to be very hard and stressful and it will put a strain on mine and Ian relationship but I already have so much love for this little baby that’s inside me and can’t wait to be a mummy.

The reason I thought I had no choice to get rid of this baby was because me and Ian would have no where to live but his mum and his step dad have offered us to move in with them so that we can save some money together.

I haven’t yet told my parents that I didn’t go through with the abortion because I need to get everything sorted before because as soon as they find out they will be kicking me out of my house straight away that day.

This isn’t the way I planned to become a parent and wish my parents could be supportive but you can’t choose your family and there set in there ways and I don’t think they will ever change.

20120414-100757 PM.jpg

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6 Responses to I’m going to be a mummy

  1. Ibi says:

    I’m so happy for you and your baby ❤
    It's boy or girl? when will you know about gender?
    I love future mommies ^^ take photos in every month and post here…
    congratulations ❤

  2. Mountain Missy says:

    What a beautiful little peanut in there. Congratulations on your decision. I have been reading but not commenting the last few days. I have been in your situation (not sure of your age) before and have had to make those tough choices. Being a mom is like nothing else in the world so really prepare for it (as much as you can) and enjoy every possible minute. Congratulations again.

  3. Mama says:

    Congrats! I too once sat in a doctor’s office ready to make the same decision you were contemplating. Then I heard that echoy heartbeat & fell in love. She’s 14 now & I don’t regret the choice I made. (even when she acts totally 14 lol) Best Wishes to all three of you! Welcome to the Mommy Club 🙂

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