Valentines day

I always have been a hopeless romantic, I’m the kind of person who watches a romantic film and want my relationship to be like what they show in the film.

And valentines day is no different, I always want to have the romantic meal and just spend time with the one I love. But today Ian told me that he was going to his snooker match on Tuesday and that he wouldn’t be seeing me which really annoyed me because I really wanted to spend the day with him even if we didn’t go out and just snuggled up to a DVD.

But he didn’t seem to care about it and then when I mentioned it he just told me to stop being silly. I went a bit distant with him after that and ignored him for most of the day. And then we started chatting about what we would do if ever one of us one the lottery and he came out with such a horrible snide comment.. He was like if I won the lottery I wouldn’t give any money to certain people and I was like who do you mean and he said well your family as they will probably be want money off me.

I think that is such a nasty thing to say and would never even think about saying that to someone. Also my family have always worked for there money and would never even think about asking him for money as they don’t need it. We’re not loaded and we do struggle from time to time but unless we earn it we don’t want it.

Also his crazy ex girlfriend who he broke up with over two years ago has tried getting in contact and also has been trying to harass me by making fake Facebook profiles and trying to add me as well as using her proper Facebook to add some of my friends and then just randomly chatting to them.

I’m getting really fed up with all the shit that keeps going wrong in my life. I don’t understand why Ian is being such a d**k as I was actually starting to fall for him.

And as its valentines day tomorrow I’m really missing Toni again and I hate the fact that he will be enjoying the day with his new girlfriend- its also really annoying me how I stop carrying about him and then a few days later I really miss him.

I just want to be over him and to never think about him or mention him in conversation or ever have to hear his name again and it would be even better if he moved out of my street as that makes it really hard.

I know I was the stupid one that wanted to live on the same street as my parents but how was I to know I would end up leaving Toni.
And how am I expected to get over him if I have to be reminded of him every day as I walk out of my house.

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