change of plans

ok i know everybody knows my blog as somthing eles but ian worked out that i was blogging and found out the name of the blog so iv had to change it to louise1710 and my old blog name has been taken off the internet so that if ian does searches the old name he wont be able to accesss any of my blogs.

i know its silly to be hiding this from him and i know one day he will find my blog and it will cause a lot of problems for me but i cant help it i need my blog to get all my feeling out of my head or i feel like im going to go crazy and i have no one eles to talk to.

so i use this blog to rant and rave and leave it all over the internet for you huys to read. i aslo hope that if some other guy going through a hard break up reads this blog and i give her insperation to write her own or even just write her feeling down somwhere so she has some where to put them and doesnt have to keep them all bottled up like i used to because that can be so dangerous,

because that way they all come tumbling out to the wrong people and once you open your mouth you can never take it back. and i know from past expirence that it can lose you a hell of a lot of respect and friends.

so i will carry on writing this blog just under a different name and also i will continue once me and ian have ran the course of are relationship and im onto the next boyfriend. yyour not getting rid of me that easy guys. i may be a annoying blogger but i love to be random, anoying, rude and crude and loud thats just me!!!! and you huys have to deal with it because im sticking around..

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