You mindf**k

I hate it how Ian is always going on about me having no confidence in the bedroom but as soon as I start gaining some he knocks me back down again by turning me down everytime I try to start anything off.

And he is still getting jealous over me and Kyle, i haven’t stopped speaking to Kyle as he is my friend and I’m not gonna let him stop me from being my self and hanging around with who ever I want to.

Today Kyle came round to see me and Becky and Ian was on his way over and then he rang to say he was outside and I had to get Becky to sneak him out the house through the back gate when he knocked on the door but then he nearly caught us as he went back to his car as kyle was sneaking out the gate but luckily he only saw him on his bike, but he didn’t say anything about it.

Also today Ian was being all off with me and then he was messing about and he made a comment about using his hands to masterbait and I made a joke say (no baby only one hand as you couldn’t get both hands around it as its so small) and he got all stroppy and started having ago at me and I said it was a joke.

I should be able to have a laugh with him about stuff like that he shouldn’t take it so flaming personally.

Also he keeps trying to play mind games all the time and I dont see why because he shouldn’t have to use mind games against me.

If he is that f**ked in the head maybe he shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone if he can’t be himself and just enjoy being in a relationship without any games.

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