Last Friday night

The past couple of days because of all the things that have been going on between me and Ian I have been very tempted to just forget all about Ian and just have a quick fling with Kyle.

When I got into this relationship with Ian I promised my self that I wouldn’t cheat on Ian and I even told Kyle that there was no way I would get with him again whilst with Ian.

But lately it’s been so difficult as I know that the sex with Kyle will be amazing and I know that it would just be a bit off fun and that’s what makes it that bit more exciting.

It’s like yesterday I just got in the bath and Kyle text me asking me what I was up to and we started chatting and he started saying that he should come and join me in the bath as a girl should ever have to have a bath on her own.

And I know that I could easily just agree and Ian would never find out but it’s not that simple, just because we’re having problems I can’t just run off and cheat on him behind his back.

But I want to try and work at this relationship. I want to be here for the good and the bad and I want to try have one honest and long relationship with Ian.

And if being friends with Kyle means I’m going to be tempted a lot and going to be pressured into meeting up with him and being tempted then maybe it’s time to say good bye and end the friendship.

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2 Responses to Last Friday night

  1. “and he started saying that he should come and join me in the bath as a girl should never have to have a bath on her own.” I use an argument like this often haha.

    PS: ….. you know this is the internet right? Idk about your relationships or the people in them, but if you’re openly discussing potential cheating or the nature of your conversations, Ian or whoever finding out solely by looking at your phone txt seems like the least of your problems as anybody, including him, can read all details on here

    • annabella1710 says:

      Lol thanks for the comment x and I don’t have to worry about Ian seeing this blog as he doesn’t know I have it and I intend to keep it that way haha.

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