Is it right?

Ian is very into porn and magazines and pictures and he is very open about it and doesn’t mind telling me when he has master-bated and it really puts me off.

I really don’t feel right about knowing he uses other girls to relieve him self because that is something privet.

I have never been jealous about my ex’s using porn to do their business but with Ian it really does bother me and I don’t know what to do about it because I can’t tell him that it makes me jealous as he wont take me serious.

Also today Ian was going talking to me about Kyle texting me and I told him the truth that I had been texting him as I didn’t want to lie to him about it.

And i was telling him about the conversation and he wanted to see them so as I was showing them I remembered that Kyle had asked me how me and Ian were getting along and I had texted back saying… ( yea it’s going well… I don’t know if its going to be a long term relationship) and I tried to skip it and he had ago at me for hiding it so I said I was just being honest and I didn’t mean it in a bad way and in the end we had a massive row.

And then a few hours later we started getting along again and I was hugging and kissing him and I finally got the feeling to rip his clothes off and I could things heating up but he just kept turning me down and I just didn’t get it because I have wanted to feel like that about him for ages and then when I finally did he turned me down.

Maybe this relationship has fianlly ran its course because all we keep doing is arguing and we both find that we’re not sexually compatible.

How would you discuss this with someone you didn’t want to hurt tho, because no matter what way I put it it will upset him.

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3 Responses to Is it right?

  1. wordangell says:

    Honesty is always best and by the way we are all entitled to our privacy, even in a relationship. The advice I give to my own children is to be true to yourself first and foremost. The best thing to do is to talk to him and tell him that you don’t feel you and he are really compatible and that it might be best if you just remained friends, if you want to that is. Also remember to use the ‘i’ word. ie. ‘I’m not happy/ comfortable/ don’t feel etc. that way he won’t feel he is being accused of something and won’t get defensive. Don’t be bullied into doing something you are not really happy with.
    As for the porn and masturbation, we all know they do it but a decent guy would keep it to himself, that’s his privacy bit. At the end of the day you have answered your own thoughts, sounds like it’s time to move on to someone who will really appreciate you. Good luck.

  2. geri1973 says:

    first off if you were going to let him read your text (and you must have knew you were going to do this before you did it) always go through the texts and delete the shit you do not want him to see. now he knows that this thing you and him have is about to come to a close. all because of one text. he is not going to forget that one text he saw. the one text that tells how you really feel about him. so he’s like fuck it now. one thing i have learned, if we are not compatible all around at least be sexually compatible with me. without that compatibility of sex, there is nothing but just friendship if that. looks like it’s a done deal on the relationship. though it maybe a cool down period, i don’t know. either way he now knows how you feel about the relationship. so if there was something there it’s quite possible it ain’t there no more. just my opinion.

  3. ugh I hate porn. I hope he doesn’t but as long as my boyfriend doesn’t tell me he does it I don’t care. I guess if I found out he did I’d get annoyed ’cause it would be a kick in the face and I see him a lot. even thinking about the porn industry makes me disgusted to be honest.

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