Weird text and great sex.

Yesterday things were going really well me and Ian had sorted things out. We were getting on really well. But then he looked at my phone and went through my message saying he was just being nosey and he came across a text convo by me and Kyle and we were just talking with a bit of harmless flirting but Ian didn’t see it that way he was like (that sounds like you were flirting back) and then he went all quite on me and moody.

He then told me he doesn’t have any tolerance for his girlfriends talking to there ex’s so I said to him if he doesn’t wont me to talk to Kyle that’s fine as I understood what he was saying and then we started getting along fine and he brought up that I had promised I would give him a blow job.

I really didn’t won’t to because I don’t like doing them and I also don’t like the look of dicks especially when they have been circumcised. But I did it any way to make up for lying to him an just so that I can say iv done it and still didn’t like it so stop going on.

When I did do it I found it wasn’t as bad as it had in past relationships but I still didn’t like it but didn’t mind doing it if he likes it so much.

And then after that we ended up having sex and he tho he was smaller than Toni he knew what to do with the little he had and also because he has been circumcised the feeling was a lot better.

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2 Responses to Weird text and great sex.

  1. joyannaadams says:

    HA! That was really funny! When he is old and in some hospital, the nurse’s will be glad he is circumsized.

    Easily to clean.

  2. hahahah so as a first post read on your site, idk. i guess i have no clue about any previous stories, but people openly talking about sex is always entertaining whether it be for imagination, humility, or somehow deriving humor from it all

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