Wow my life sucks

Well I thought it was going really well with Ian when I slept round his house on friday and I met his parents and they seemed really nice and me and Ian were getting on so well.

There was no sex but he was trying to persuade me into doing something and I just didn’t feel right about it so he sorted him self out. He is such a nice guy and we get on well but I still love Toni and that feeling isn’t going to go away.

I hate Toni for what he did but I still think he was good looking and the sex was great but he hurt me too much by lying and cheating and this is why I think I’m starting to fall for Ian.

He is so nice to me and doesn’t lie to me he plays me romantic songs and says all the right things but he isn’t that good looking and I was only looking for a rebound.

But I always fall for people easily all they have to do is say a few nice things and I’m there’s and this is what is happening with Ian I’m falling for him. Very slowly but it’s happening and I don’t know what to do about it.

I had lied to Ian by telling him I was 18 but really I’m only 17 so I decided that If I was just hurting my self for loving two guys I would just have to forget about them both.

But I’m really bad at breaking up with someone if they haven’t done anything wrong. So I thought I would let him dump me by telling him my real age. I know that he is really stubborn so thought he would go in a mood and dump me but he didn’t he was just really angry and wanted to try make things work.

Which really annoyed me as I can’t dump him I’m too nice and I might have fallen for his personality but I still don’t think he is sexy and I certainly don’t won’t to sleep with him for that reason and because he has a small dick which he seems to think is big.

And he thinks the best way to make it up to him is send dirty pictures and to suck him off and anal and I honestly hate blow jobs the thought of that tiny little thing in my mouth makes me feel sick and the dirty pictures make me feel uncomfortable and the anal well there isn’t a chance in hell I am ever going to do that I did it once and hated every second of it.

But how do I get out of this one? I dunno but there is no way I’m going to be his dirty little sex slave just because I added five months onto my age he can forget about it.

As for Toni I’m still trying to get over him and am also looking for revenge I just haven’t figured out how. Do I tell him about my affair the whole time I was with him with his best friend or do I tell all his dirty little secrets or do I expose his lying bitch of a mother who told me alot of this that could ruin there family?

I dunno yet but as soon as I know I will defiantly let you all know x

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