Well well who is a little liar

Well so much has happened x I went on two dates since the last time I blogged and iv now started seeing one of the guys that took me on one of the dates.

They were good dates apart from the fact that he only paid about 13 pounds and I ended up paying the 20 pounds but I didn’t wont him paying everything I just didn’t think I would be the one paying the most.

Iv spoke to him like everyday on the phone and it’s ok it’s nothing special but I think I might just be going through the rebound stage because I don’t feel the same as I have with other relationships but I guess I haven’t given it much of a chance yet.

Also Toni decided he was gonna be a cunt and start world war three with my family and his.
In the end there was a massive fight with punching screaming and about 20 people.

In the end his dad ended up being arrested and taking into the cell’s for the night which I found very funny as there family think there so posh but they ain’t they are the scummy and fucking the ugliest people you have ever met.

I went to sell all the jewellery that he brought me and turns out there all fake and not worth anything so iv just binned all if it. And then tonight I’m having a bomfire and getting rid of all the pictures.

I always thought I would want to keep them but I decided why would I want any of the crap he ever brought me or any pictures of him.

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One Response to Well well who is a little liar

  1. ogłoszenie says:

    do you really think like that? because i`m not sure at all.

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