Wow last night was a mad one. it started going bad when I walked to the shop to get some fags. I ended up getting chased my some big hairy man through an ally way and my parents had gone out. So i ran home and locked my door and called toni’s best mate to get hold of him. But when i told him what had happened he laughed in my face and called me a liar.

The police were called and they said they couldn’t do much but if I saw the guy again to call them straight away.

And then I went out for the night with my sister and are friends and two hours into the night my sister ended up getting bottled round the face by some jealous girls and me and my sister ended up getting in a fight with the four girls that started on her.

When we got home we all decided to carry the night on for a couple of hours more. But then I went on facebook and we there was a message from Toni saying that he loved me. So I sent a really nasty message back saying he shouldn’t be messing me about.

But then I got told Today that he was fraped and that it was my best mate that put the comment on there.

But so I lost my bestfriend today x I just cant understand why she would do that to me as she knows that it would hurt me and she still did it.

Well I don’t need friends like that.

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