First tattoo

Well i wasnt expecting that!

Toni rang me yesterday and was talking to me on facebook. he even asked to have a video chat.

I really wasnt expecting it as he has done nothing but treated me like shit.
I feel like everytime i start getting over him and becoming happier with myself he starts getting in contact.

I think its out of order if anything as he shouldnt be giving me mixed messages.

I rang him and told him that he had gone over his contract bill by 85 pounds and that he needs to pay me by today.
He didnt even moan about me ask him for money.

I have stopped talking to the guy off plenty of fish as he got really creepy and he still hasnt even started leaving me alone he is still harrasin me.

I also got my first tattoo today. I was so scared about getting it done but once i got there and they started and it didnt hurt. Its turned out really nice and im so happy with it.

I wonder how monday will go as me toni and two of are friends are ment to be going to the pub for a drink halloween night. Im not sure how its gonna go and i will be nice.

But not lead toni on as im a nice person even if he isnt or its going to go totally wrong and we will end up arguing.

Well i will tell him somthing there is no way i will get back with him or even just have sex with him as i will not be used anymore.

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