Laugh till you cry

Sometimes the best thing you can do after a break up is just go and have a good old fashioned laugh with your mates and today that’s what I did and I realised I don’t need a man in my life. not when all they do is complicate it.

I don’t know why i let Toni ruin my life. as he wasn’t amazing in personality and he was a very thick person. but just because he made me laugh and I didn’t won’t to be on my own I stayed with him.

I used to think that he was the one for me but being with annie today i realised that he was only mr right now never mr right. Maybe it was because I was desperate to have a family of my own and get married I put up with it.

I will never know why I did to be honest as there was never a good reason. I knew what people thought of him and I knew people would think that I was only with him as he brought me things. But if I am honest I wasn’t bothered about what he brought me.

I cared more that people wouldn’t look at me and go poor Annabella she is All on her own and hasn’t had a boyfriend in years.

I guess everyone is like that really no body wonts to be on there own and maybe that’s why so many people are together when there’s no relationship left.

It’s funny how one day with a friend that you know so well that you just have a good time and don’t have to try that you can work out where your feelings are in life.

I have spent nearly every day speaking to friends and meet up with them and still I felt the same has I did when the relationship ended. but from seeing Annie for a few hours I feel happy and confident.

Maybe that’s all I needed a friend Who was going through the same situation and understood me with out me having to say a word.

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