Can’t believe last night went out for my mates birthday and at the start off the night we at to meet at Toni’s house and at first he completely ignored me and then he started talking to me as if we were still together. which pissed me off because he had a girlfriend or so I thought.

then he eneded up having a strop so I went up stairs to see what was going on and we started talking and getting along. but every other fucking idiot decided to come in and have ago at him for being up stairs in his own house.

then he started to have a eperleptic sort of fit and I looked after his as I always do then he started arguing with his mate because he was embarrassed and had told his friend to get lost and leave him alone.

then everyone was arguing and he was just sitting next to me stroking my leg and in the end his mates kicked me out the room so they could talk.

The taxi ended up coming at one in the morning for us all to go town. Toni stayed at home as he was still in a strop but I told him I would come see him when I was done up town.

Up town I got a text from one of the guys I had been talking to Lee. He asked if he could meet me and I agreed Saying I would meet him in a club called pacha. But my friends decided they were bored and moved to a different pub.

So I text him letting him know what was happening and he agreed to meet me in the next pub we went to. When I got there I text him telling him to meet me in a certain place. he was just taking the piss and making me wait around for him so after waiting for him for over a hour I told my mate I felt I’ll and left.

I got to Toni’s house and when he opened the door he looked really shocked. So I explained I had come round to check he was ok before I went home.

We were sitting watching tv for about 10 mins and he was just lying there ignoring me. So I was messing about asking why he never text me back and he said he never got a text from me.

So I got his phone and when it turned on there was a message from the girl he was ment to be going out with. saying that she only wonted to be friends.

I didn’t let on that I knew tho and I was extremely drunk and felt like having meaningless sex. so we had a quickie and then I grabbed the phone without him seeing and went into kitchen.

But when I read his texts I realised he had text her calling her baby and always text her back and was going on about how pretty she was. Nd how much he wonted to meet her so I thought fuck him.

I left him saying I was really tired and realised I need to stop doing it. Stop letting him mess me about.

So I went round there today and got my pet rabbit tiggy and my washing machine and left him to it. But as I was walking away he asked me if I was still going to see his nan today with him. who isn’t very well and who I always treated like part of my family so I agreed I’d meet him at 7.

But at half six like I expected I got a text saying (sorry cant do tonight can we go tomorrow?) so I put back can’t sorry I’m busy. I expected him to put ok cya. But he didnt he was like Tuesday so I said yh maybe I might be busy tho and left it at that.

I’m not letting him mess me about I don’t care how much I love him anymore he can get lost if he thinks I would ever start seeing him, shagging him or even get back with him now not after he was so happy to replace me.

Worst thing is I found out my best mate went round with her boyfriend for a few drinks tonight which pissed me off big time as she knows what he is doing but she is just as two faced as Toni’s fucking mother.

Well seems like they are both such good mates or so they think they are.

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