Road trip

Wow this road trip is going to be fun we are ment to be going bourmouth today and staying the weekend and I have been looking forward to it but am now changing my mind as Toni has his new girl friend is coming round his house (that was actully ares) tonight and I don’t won’t her to as he shouldn’t be with her he should be with me and and that’s how it’s always been and should always be so I have got my friends to go round there tonight and make sure he doesn’t meet this girl.

That’s the wired thing he hasn’t even met her before and has already asked her out !!

Last night when I went on her Facebook I noticed that all there status’s are all about her ex like how much she loves him so will it work out between them or will it blow up in his face, I guess you all know which one I’m voting for.

I just hope my friends manage to stop them from getting together and that everytime he thinks of me he pines for me.

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