Being dumped

Wow I have never been dumped by someone I wasn’t officially with but I guess there’s a first for everything and I had forgot how it felt when he tells me he has a new girlfriend but now I’m feeling it all again and it hurts so fucking much.

Someone told me today that when you brake up with someone you find out how much you loved them and if you just liked the company then that’s all you will miss but if you really loved them then you would hurt so much it’s unbelievable well I guess I have just found out which one I am because I love him so much and it hurt and still hurts and I feel like I would rather die then be without him and I feel like this pain is never going to go away.

I don’t understand how he could ask someone out and say he loved me it doesn’t make sense as I know we are ment to be together for ever.

It’s because were sole mates and we were destined to be together and he shouldn’t be with anyone Eles it should be me I just wish that he could see it and would come running to me and see how much I love him but he doesn’t he really doesn’t know how much he means to me or he wouldn’t be doing this to me.

I just won’t him to come back to me so desperately I won’t him to tell everyone how much I mean to him.

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