20 days

It’s been twenty days since me and toni broke up and iv stopped getting all down on it I have my moment and get a bit ready but that’s bound to happen as we were together for three years and it isnt just gonna go away we will always have history even if he wishes we didn’t.

Why do men have to be so ignorant he thinks that he can tell me what ever he wonts to keep me sweet and then get any girl he wonts its like he thinks he is god.

Well let me tell you there is no way he is even remotely anything even close to a piece of shit never mind god.

Well I think it’s time for me to get a nice strong man and forget all about him because he is so not worth any of my time.

I haven’t yet found the man that I’m gonna fall in love with him and he is gonna turn out to be prince charming ad I have stopped talking to that guy I met through the dating web site but things happen for a reason and he probably has already met someone.

Oh well I will keep looking for my prince charming and on the way will have to kiss a few frogs or morons in my case haha.

Well let’s see what the future holds for me.

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