Rub salt in my wounds

I got to Toni’s today as it was are three year anniversary and as soon as I got there he was all happy and had been talking to this girl he has been seeing and was making it blatantly obvious that he was texting her and it hurt so much but I carried on but he just expected me to make his dinner and have sex with him and just act like his girl friend and that ent gonna happen why would I just let him get away with it.

The way it feels is like he is cheating on me and it’s a really nasty feeling and I won’t just go along with it.

I don’t even know how I should act as I still Wont to be seeing him with out the complications but I still don’t won’t him to be with anybody Eles shall I just keep seeing him but what if he just wonts me to be his mistress. I don’t know if I can do it again I did it once and it hurt so much and it didn’t work out very well cuz he hurt me three times while he was with his ex.

I know I’m making a mistake and I don’t won’t to keep seeing him if I know he is just going to end up with somebody Eles.

Is what I’m doing wrong I’m not sure and it’s so complicated and hard to speak to anybody eles about it as not many people understand which is why I’m telling everyone on here.

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