I can’t believe what a fucking little liar he is. I started asking about the girl he has been seeing and he said that he didn’t like her that much and stuff an then I check his phone and he had been saying stuff like ur stunning and my ex who I was with for three years was ugly and used me !!!

Haha oh well she ent anything speacial she is fuck fat and ugly she has buck teeth omg

That’s it I can’t be dealing with someone like him I was fuming I got my coat and boots and was about to leave when I realised I didn’t know where my bag was and ended up spending 10 mins trying to find it and when I did I was calmer.

But then I realised people don’t change so why should I be worried he will just do the same to her and then I thought I don’t need him at all I’m not missing out on anything and made a plan to leave I let him think that he is going to get laid and then I will leave him up stairs and walk out and then text him telling him what I think through text and see how he likes being bull shitted!

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