Maybe not

I thought maybe friends with benefits could work if you were strong willed but you can’t no one can.

It was going really well we went out drinking with some friends and then I stayed the night at his (e.g my old house) and we had sex all night and then in the morning and I thought It was going well and then today when we went ice skating it got harder seeing all the couples and are friends together made me feel broken hearted again.

And we ended up arguing in the end and making up again and it was ok till half eight today I asked his mate who he know lives with If toni had really met another girl who he was seeing like he had told me and that’s when I got told that he hadn’t met her yet but that he has been begging his mate to get her round which was like a kick in the stomach and I ended up asking him questions about us even tho I don’t want to get back with him.

And even I could tell he was getting annoyed with me and couldn’t be bothered so he told me he just wonted to be friends but when I got home and started texting him apologising for everything I had said and told him I didn’t mean it he has been acting all funny and I knew he didn’t won’t to be with me and that he was using me and I don’t mind it as seen as I’m using him as well but I have never lied to him about the guy I have met through plenty of fish and I wouldn’t because I had respect for him but it’s gone now when I found out how low he was going to be.

I was enjoying the friends part but I know that as soon as he got home today he was saying to his mate she was only a shag and don’t tell anyone cuz I still wonna get with blah blah blah this is why it’s impossible to just be friends when there was a relationship but also just as hard if you just waiting to fall back in love with them and they know that it will always be like that if they won’t it to and also jealousy is always!! always around the corner to bite you on the arse and can’t be avoided.

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