Just friends?

Is just friends possible with sex involved or does it always lead to complications ?

Im still talking to the guy I met on plenty of fish but nothing has came out of it yet so iv started to get bored so me and Toni decided to just be friends but with sex it’s really hard as there was already a relationship there but I think I can over come it.

Iv heard of people being just friends in the past and it being easy but also heard of the ones that have become couples again.
And I don’t won’t that to happen but I am enjoying the company a bit.

I don’t think I’m being a slag as I was in a relationship with him for quite a few years so it’s not like iv just meet him or anything.

The worst thing is it all started when he told me he was seeing someone I didn’t know weather to Believe him or not as he always lies e.g one of the reasons we broke up so I decided to kiss him and see if he would kiss me back and he did so I didn’t believe him but I went through his phone when he jumped in the shower and read his texts and he had been talking and flirting to a girl who he had been out with in the past and it was the worst feeling in the world Like someone has punched me in the stomach and I realised I don’t won’t to be with him I just didn’t won’t him to be with anyone else.

And even I know that the way I’m thinking means I’m not ready to let go off him but even after figuring this out I still want to be with him.

Am I being selfish or is that a normal feeling it’s like I don’t won’t him to be happy.

Anyways I will keep you up to date.

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