Dating web sites

Iv been signed up to that dating web site for five days now and have started talking to a few people but how do you know who is really what they say on there profile! Well you don’t which is why I’m so worried to meet up with any one x

Toni has been trying to be my best friend since we broke up all he is doing is trying to make it worse I moved all my stuff out of the house and he moved someone in straight away which fucked me off but I will have to get over it x

I changed my Facebook to single and so many people commented I just thought u nosy people they not contempt with there own life’s they have to know everything flaming thing that happened in my realationship.

So now I back at mums lol if I met someone off this web site what do I do bring them back to meet my family hahaha I don’t think so lmao. I’m so missing having my own space and don’t haveing to care about anyone eles but me 😦

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