yesterday i went round to my house to collect some of my things and as i walked in the door all my stuff was packed in boxes waiting for me to move them, so i asked toni who packed my stuff and his stupid dog faced mother had been through all my personal belongings even my underwaire, so i kicked off big time and demanded all my money back that i had lent him the total came to 550 which is alot so i let him make a payment plan to help him pay me back.

this morning i decied enough was enough i showerd and did my hair and make up and decided i was going to join a dateing web site and try that side of dating, i ended up joining plently off fish and i was quite happy with the whole website it was easy to use and if the people who talked to you wasnt the best looking you can just ignore them or even block them from ever accessing my page which i thought usefull as most dating web sites dont actully have that option.

i had also been told about a dating web site called i was quite surprised when i found out what the website was actully offering e.g money to have sex with men the way it worked was you sign up and talk to men as you would with any other dating site but the difference was they would offer you money or even a boob job/ nip n tuck or even to pay your household bills just to spend the night or even weeks with them and i couldnt believe that such a site would exist it is a prostitution web site!!!!

iv been talking to one guy his name is twin diamound he is very good looking and his personality is just my type he even opened up the convosation with a very cheesy but cute joke haha

i didnt think starting dateing again would be so easy or if anyone would even be intrested but it suprised me in the good way

im starting too enjoy the single life going out partying and just having a good time with the girls .

x- A -x

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