Hello world!

hello world my names louise and this page is kind of like a diary that im going to publish on the internet for everyone to see. haha i know im so original not haha.

anyways im going to tell you a little bit about my self. im not your average girl iv lived in mexico for six years and was just your geekie giggly little 13 year old when i moved back to london and started at a new school where i met a sexy spainsh guy and eneded up staying with him for three years during that time he cheated on me three times and each time i ended up getting back with him, we moved in together and we was very happy intill his bitch of a mother interfered and i ended up getting really close to his old friend kyle and well one thing leeds to another we become good friends who on rare occaisions end up high of are kites an having sex.

anyways i ended up splitting up with toni all because i walked into my house and found a stunning girl cleaning my house for me as his mother goes on how i should have done it before i got home, even tho i had just done a 12 hour shift so i go balistic that this girl who i have never met is in my house talking to my boyfriend and being set up by my mother in law sooooo as you do i flip grab the girl by the hair and sling her out the door tell his mother to fuck off and end up being the one who packs the bags and leaves.

so now im just going to love life and enjoy being younge as am fed up with having to grow up when other people get to enjoy life.

anyways that my life hahaha hope you enjoyed my melo drama and join me every night for more

thank you for reading

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